New Million Color is the only manufacturer of colorants and additives for the plastic industry in the Caribbean.

We serve and supply to Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Central and South America, United States and the World. We are a large and national corporation with leadership positions in color and additive concentrates and plastics compounding.

Competitive advantage

Service is the backbone of our business

The right tools for the job

Competitive advantage has never been so valuable across the business world, or so hard-earned. Competition has driven up quality standards across the board, from research & development, through production, to financing and marketing, among the many disciplines which go to make up a successful product. As a result of this, New Million Color has expanded its laboratory, in terms of number of technicians and equipment, to insure that the quality of our products meet or exceeds the clients expectations. We have also expanded our manufacturing area, in terms of additional equipment and improved techniques, which has resulted in a faster and totally reliable production of our clients orders.

Service is the backbone of our business At New Million Color we service what we sell. Many years ago, we realized that a fast and reliable service to our clients, was essential to their success in obtaining the right color for their products. We are their trusted consultants in color problems. We can perform fast and accurate color matches for their new products, and consistent reliability in the production of their regular colors.

The right tools for the job Our fast and efficient customer service is backed by a substantial number of highly efficient mixing and extruding machines that allow New Million Color to comply with the clients orders, in a very short notice, so lead times are very reasonable. Our plant is located in Loiza, Puerto Rico, from where we serve the needs of our clients in a very fast manner, since we are physically in the center of the area that we serve. Our computerized systems take control of the clients orders, from the day the order is placed, to the day the order is delivered, and beyond. No other company can give you a better, faster service than us.