“Para enmendar el apartado (b) de la Sección 5 de la Ley Núm. 135 de 2 de diciembre de 1997, según enmendada, conocida como “Ley de Incentivos Contributivos de 1998”, a los efectos de aumentar el crédito por compras de productos manufacturados en Puerto Rico, disponibles a los negocios exentos por dicha ley y en leyes de incentivos contributivos anteriores.”

Industrial Sector News

Law No. 110 of August 17, 2001

The credit for the purchase of products manufactured in Puerto Rico increases from 10% to 25% and from 15% to 35% in the purchase of articles of commerce made from recycled materials. The credit will be granted to businesses exempt by the Tax Incentives Act of 1998 and by the previous tax incentives laws.

Manufacturing is the backbone of our economic development. To give a vigorous boost to this vital sector of our economy, the Government has designed a set of measures to stimulate the establishment and retention of industries, creating more and better jobs and promoting the development of high levels of skills.

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