May 23, 2007

To our valued customers & suppliers:

Have you ever noticed the camaraderie among NBA players on the basketball court? In the spirit of competition, players applaud their teammates; it doesn’t matter whether they are watching a winning basket or a missed free throw. The effort expended is worthy of support and recognition.

I believe this example parallels our teamwork over the past seven years. New Million Color workers has served the Puerto Rico and Caribbean Basin clients promptly and efficiently performing this service in compliance with as alliance agreement with PolyOne Corporation. Notwithstanding, New Million Color has terminated the latter fruitful business relations but will continue to assist you in the manufacturing of colorants and additives specifications at your convenience.

Your endorsement of our effort as workers in the past 35 years when we were PMS Consolidated, then M. A. Hanna Color, then licensee of PolyOne and now New Million Color are appreciated and extend beyond mere reinforcement. More important, it increases our desire for us to be the winning team.

New Million is a domestic enterprise which will remain doing business with all our clients in Puerto Rico, Caribbean Basin countries, Central and South America, United States and the World.

Medals and plaques are unimportant to me. A higher accolade simply knows we are a valued player on the court of your business life. Thank you for supporting our efforts and allowing us to become friends and teammates.

Jose L. Munoz Guardiola
President & Plant Manager
New Million Corp.