How New Million Color Performs
Inside The Plastic World

Committing all of our considerable organizational strengths to providing:

Accurate and responsive

on color matches and customer service

experts and knowledgeable

on technical service

prompt delivery

of superior colorants produced on time, on target and on budget

New Million Color’s commitment

is to be the best colorant and additive supplier in the world.

General Purpose Colorants for

Electronics, Appliances, Packaging, Housewares, Toys, Medical, Furniture, Sports/Recreation

One Stop Shop

New Million Color is a large, national corporation with leadership positions in color and additive concentrates and plastics compounding. New Million Color was formed by the former management and associates from PolyOne, M. A. Hanna Color and PMS Consolidated in Puerto Rico.

Specialty Colorants for

Medical Devices and packaging

Quality and Consistency

New Million Color markets a comprehensive range of colorants that are unequaled for control of color quality and consistency, unsurpassed in efficiency of performance and unbeatable in terms of value. They are available as dry colors, liquid dispersions, color concentrates and color flakes. Conventional shades are available, as well as special effects such as pearlescents, fluorescents, phosphorescents, metallics, iridescents, granites, marbles, etc.

Our colorants are formulated to be compatible with commodity resins such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene and PVC as well as engineering resins such as ABS, acrylic, acetals, polycarbonate, polyester, SAN, nylon, PBT and cellulosics. They are custom-manufactured for use in a wide array of processes such as injection molding, blow molding, sheet and profile extrusion and rotational molding.

In New Million Color, our formulation efforts are focused on meeting the unique performance and regulatory requirements specific to those industries. Performance Concentrates equals to: Anti-Oxidant, Flame Retardant, UV Stabilizer, Lubricant, Slip Agent, Blowing Agent, Thermal Stabilizer, Anti-Blocking, Anti-Plate Out

Specialty Colorants for

Wire and Cable Coatings, Vinyl Siding, Windows and Doors, Automotive Interior/Exterior Parts, Synthetic Fiber

No matter what your manufacturing process may be – injection molding with a hot runner mold, multi-layer blow molding, or any other- we want you to be able to produce your product with the fewest process problems and you want your product to perform at its highest level. To that purpose, New Million Color offers a full line of additive concentrates to enhance your product and process performance.

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